HB-VOO H25C (04.08.2012)

British Aerospace BAe-125-1000B (cn 259030)


  • Sebastian on 2012-Aug-30 17:03:29 Sebastian said

    Great Shot! I was the first officer on duty on this flight.
  • airphototicino on 2012-Aug-30 18:42:20 airphototicino said

    Thank you Sebastian! See you soon at LSZA!

  • Sebastiano on 2012-Aug-30 21:42:31 Sebastiano said

    By the way, that day i saw some spotters near the fence and i was looking for this shot on the internet (airliners.net or similar).

    Is it possible to have it in high-resolution? Maybe in RAW format.

  • airphototicino on 2012-Sep-01 08:57:21 airphototicino said

    Hi Sebastiano, for an high resolution shot Feel free to contact us (anche in italiano):

    [email protected]

    Buon weekend,
    Chris (the spotter near the fence on that day) ;-)

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